Integrated mains programme 

We have started this integrated mains course on the request of our students to make their mains preparation very easy.

 Here each bit of the syllabus is provided with static portion button as well as current affairs button. While static portion button delivers you the basic concepts related to that syllabus, the current affairs button of the same syllabus will keep you updated regularly.

✅And you can cross check our syllabus with that of UPSC and we ensure deep penetration into it.

✅ We will give blue print of the plan and you can also prepare along with updates.

✅ We will be giving daily updates with regard to this course.

✅This syllabus will be covered being integrated with current affairs.

✅ Each topic of syllabus will be associated with previous year questions and also possible ways the UPSC can ask questions.

✅ 24*7 doubt clearing mechanism.


Salient features of our integrated mains course

🎯 Designed as per UPSC mains syllabus

🎯 End to end syllabus coverage

🎯 Each bit of the syllabus is provided with CURRENT AFFAIRS button and STATIC PORTION button. So that you can study current affairs integrating with mains syllabus.

🎯 For example, if you have to write exam next month, then you can come here and access all current affairs, which are compiled in a systematic manner one above the other as per syllabus. And within no time you can revise all these things. 

🎯 We have designed this course so as to help the students who are taking the mains exam 2017.

🎯 The same will be provided to our newly joined students, who wish to crack 2018 CSE.

🎯 All materials will be in readable and printable text format.